The Core Team: The People Behind PHTT

The Public Health Think Tank is led by a team of diverse students from NYU Abu Dhabi and Fatima College of Health Sciences, hailing from a range of different countries and pursuing different majors:

Leonore Wünsche studies biology at NYU Abu Dhabi, and is originally from Germany and Norway. Although this is her first time being part of the PHTT core team, she has been interested in public health and epidemiology for a long time. Generally, Leonore has a strong passion for Norwegian brown cheese, and believes that many things can be solved with a cup of coffee or tea. She is looking forward to organizing this year’s conference and discussing both local and international oral health challenges together.
Fatima Alaydaroos is a Biology major from Abu Dhabi. She aspires to work in either the research field or medicine in the future and is particularly interested in genetics. She enjoys dancing, watching movies and desserts. She got involved with PHTT last year as a volunteer, and she is excited to be a member of the core team this year because she believes in the importance of youth involvement in public health issues.
JooHee Choi is an NYU Abu Dhabi student from South Korea studying Biology, with a special interest in Biomedical Informatics. Her interests include public health, science communication, and cat videos. She first started her involvement in PHTT last year as a core team member, and is excited to continue the good work.
Jessica Molina Abdala is a History major with minors in Natural Sciences and Political Science. Before coming to NYU Abu Dhabi, she lived in Mexico – where she was born and raised. Aside from her interest in healthcare, Jessica is also passionate about film, piano, and baseball. This is her first year involved in PHTT, where she wishes to use her passion to open the conversation about the impact the youth has in public health.
Athena Thomas is an NYU Abu Dhabi student from Singapore and Greece. Her interests lie in Philosophy, Economics, and Physics, which means she is having some trouble choosing a major. She is a strong believer in the value of giving individuals the chance to take control of their lives by making healthier choices, and feels that the PHTT does this excellently. In her (often nonexistent) free time, she enjoys reading, eating, and pretending that she understands art.
Alaa Soliman is a pharmacy student at Fatima College of health sciences, from Egypt, Cairo. Aside from her great interest in biology and pathophysiology, she is also interested in historical mythologies and modern Asian culture, such as anime and Korean pop music. She first became involved with PHTT as a participant, where she become fond of the idea, seeing it as noble steps for youth to contribute to society and change it for the better. This is her second year on the PHTT Core team, which she values as an opportunity to meet new people and getting new valuable experiences.
Maha Abdulah was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, and is studying physiotherapy at Fatima college for health sciences. She aspires to become a pediatric physiotherapist because she loves kids (obviously), as well as running, exercising, books, food, movies, sarcasm, Italy, and her friends. She is very talkative and could start up a conversation with anyone and become friends and never know their name (sorry!) This is her second year working with the Public Health Think Tank.


The PHTT 2017 core team is indebted to our advisors whose contributions make PHTT possible:

Abdishakur Abdulle, PhD serves as Associate Director of the Public Health Research Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. Dr. Abdulle is a Harvard Global Clinical Scholar in Epidemiology and Clinical Trials and earned his PhD from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management from Australia.
Alexandra Dimitri, PhD serves as Department Head and faculty at Fatima College of Health Sciences, where she oversees more than 30 faculty at four colleges. Dr. Dimitri previously worked as a pre-health and STEM advisor and faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi, and has advised the PHTT from the first conference in 2014.
Andrea Leinberger-Jabari, MPH serves as Assistant Director for Tobacco Research at NYU Abu Dhabi. Prior to joining NYU Abu Dhabi, she held positions at The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Minnesota, where she has been responsible for various community engaged research activities. Ms Leinberger-Jabari has also served as the Director of US-based Health Programs for an international, community-based organization, where she was responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating community-based health promotion initiatives primarily serving immigrant and refugee families.
Victor Lindsay, MEd serves as Associate Director of Student Activities at NYU Abu Dhabi. Mr. Lindsay has extensive experience with managing student services at NYU Abu Dhabi, including in Global Education, Special Projects, and Student Activities. Prior to joining NYU Abu Dhabi, he has worked as an educator, youth outreach coordinator, and graphic designer. Mr. Lindsay holds a Master of Education from Wake Forest University and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Davidson College.