Dr. Manal Awad to Speak at PHTT 2017

We announce with great pleasure that Dr. Manal Awad will be speaking at PHTT 2017. A professor at the Preventive and Restorative Dentistry department in the University of Sharjah, Dr. Manal is also the president-elect of the International Association for Dental Research, UAE Section.


She specializes in community and preventive dentistry and has a great understanding of lifestyle-related factors that affect adults’ and children’s dental and oral health in the UAE collected from her various research projects and assistantships in those areas. Her talk at PHTT 2017 will be about the prevalence, risk factors and prevention of caries among children in the UAE.


Some selected publications in peer-reviewed journals are about caries among preschool children in Ajman, caries prevalence and patterns, predictors of dental rehabilitation among children, factors associated to dental anxiety, and odontogenic cysts and tumors in the UAE population.


Her current research interests lie in quality of life, dental implants, the association between oral health and general health, and patient-based outcomes. The Public Health Think Tank is delighted to have her and learn from her expertise, and we are looking forward to her future research and studies.