Reflections on PHTT: Interview #2

With the application for PHTT 2017 now live, the Core Team got in touch with some participants from last year’s conference for them to share their experiences and advice for this year’s participants. This is the second interview in this series. Our previous interview with Chandan can be found here.

1. Please briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Maha Aljaafari and I am a Chemical Engineering student at the American University of Sharjah. I developed an interest in the subject of Public Health during my junior year of High School, in which I took an introductory course about Public Health. It bought me to the realization of the importance of taking care of our surroundings, which include our environment and the society to which we belong.

2. What was the public health issue of the conference where you participated, and how did your team work to tackle this topic?

The public health issue of the conference I participated in was road traffic incidents. In order to tackle the issue, our team was open to all kinds of solutions, big and small, during the brainstorming phase. Later on the best solution was picked out and refined to fit a given criteria, which included feasibility, cost, and such. Lastly, several team members played the devil’s advocate in order to bolster our proposal.

3. How did you decide to participate in PHTT 2016? What was that experience like? (any particular memories, impressions, thoughts?)

I am in constant search of new experiences and challenges that lead to intellectual and social growth. Therefore, when I got the email from my university regarding PHTT 2016, I was thrilled at the opportunity to participate. The experience was entirely new for me. Apart from the objective of the conference, I had the privilege of meeting like-minded people that I remain in touch with up to this day.

4. What piece of advice would you give to the 2017 participants?

A single piece of advice that I would give to the 2017 participants is this:
Work passionately, be open to your peer’s ideas, and have fun throughout the process!