Introducing the 2017 Public Health Think Tank

The Public Health Think Tank (PHTT) is a two-day conference which invites university students from diverse backgrounds to come together and address urgent public health issues pertaining to the UAE. Now in its fourth year, PHTT is driven by a belief in the potential of young minds to collaborate to devise original, feasible, and effective public health interventions.

Previous conference topics have covered medical, cultural, and political realms, ranging from the high amount of traffic incidents to the tobacco crisis in the UAE. This year the PHTT returns with another pressing topic: Oral and Dental Health.

A study conducted in the UAE by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010 revealed that 14.5 % of students had not brushed their teeth within the past 30 days. According to the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), 40% of all oral health expenditures are from preventable causes, whether it be tooth decay or oral disease. Government initiatives such as Abu Dhabi Smiles and Dubai Smiles Healthy have previously tackled this issue, but oral health remains a Top 10 national health priority in the UAE.

PHTT 2017 aims to challenge participants to critically and creatively assess the status quo of oral and dental health in the UAE, ranging from day-to-day hygienic habits to dietary factors.

Guided by talks from experts and prepared group facilitators, delegates will work in teams to devise and present original public health interventions by the end of the event.

The conference will be hosted at New York University Abu Dhabi, located on Saadiyat Island on 3-4 November 2017. To stay in touch for more information on registration, logistics, and speakers, you can join our mailing list, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter!